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Mike "G"


Have you ever wanted to hear and re-experience the music you grew up enjoying from the 60’s, 70's and 80's “LIVE AND IN PERSON”?  Many have said, “Those were the Good Old Days of Rock and Roll,”and we totally agree.  And because we believe that these songs from our past rekindle great feelings and memories, our band,    “JJ Jukebox”was created.

We are from that musical era and enjoy sharing those cherished tunes about girls and guys, cars, love and romance, and all that crazy fun stuff. We call it, “FUN ROCK”. You will be transported to a time when music would cause you to “sing and shout”. In fact, we in JJ Jukebox encourage your participation during our performances .
So..”Come Together”, remember and sing all those wonderful songs and enjoy the magical moments of the 60’s, 70's and 80's once again!

Listen to Our Demo:

Mike "D"

Lead Guitar

Play entire song!

Rhythm Guitar



    This is our brand new single,          "Sugar Kisses," written by our bass player Steve Cipriani, and featuring Robert Feinstein on Saxophone.          

New Single Featuring Barry Schwam on Theremin